The Immobile Traveler

During several years being a Colombian was a synonym of not being wanted in other countries, not obtaining a visa easily, having to pass double checks on migration areas. This mistrust towards the nationality began during the 80’s as Colombia was living a very violent period. I was born there, in 1985 and I grew up hearing people say that travelling to some countries, as the United States or European countries was just a dream, especially if you did not have a privileged backgroung.

In 2009 I decided to go to Europe and I was directly confronted to the enormous inequalities concerning travel rights between different passports, which matched in many cases the economic and political power inequalities. Resulting from a complex combination of foreign politics, this situation appeared to me elusive and frustrating.

Thus, from all the questions this situation raised in me, I decided to keep only one, more personal and intimate: what is the trace left by the difficulty to go and see the places you might dream about? I offer an answer through images: slight but deep marks, as the ones left by the line between the light and shadow, the seen and the unseen, the experience and the lack of experience
The Possible World/ The Imaginary
World. Église Saint-julien, Arles.
Espace Van Gogh, Arles.
Galérie Arena, ENSP, Arles.